Blast chiller and shock-freezer cabinets mod. big chef

BIG CHEF Blast chillers / Freezers:
BIG is born, a brand new range of BIG SIZE Blast Chillers / Freezers for both Gastronorm and Euronorm Trolleys. Blast chilling and freezing capacities go from 80 to 200 kg. Supplied with an innovative and unique SRC, the “Quick Controlled Thaw” cycle. This is an important step ahead in the state of art refrigeration, according to ever changing needs of contemporary cuisine. An added feature and consequent opportunity for the modern Chef, to provide character and personality in their kitchen.
Technical features: Predisposed to fit trolleys for Gastronorm 1/1, Gastronorm 2/1, Euronorm 600x400, Euronorm600x800 trays.
Blast Chilling capacities (from +90 to +3 °C) from 80 kg to 200 kg.
Blast Freezing capacities (from +90 to -18 °C) from 65 kg to 175 kg.
Totally made in AISI 304 stainless steel interior and exterior. All models are delivered dismounted with or without condensing unit Supplied with core probe as standard feature; supplied with ramp as standard feature.
Functions: Automatic CHEF Blast Chilling cycle
Hard / Soft Blast Chilling temperature cycle and Timed Blast Chilling cycle
Hard / Soft Blast Freezing temperature cycle and Time Blast Freezing cycle
Manual Set blast chilling and freezing cycle (by the selection of the end cycle temperature)
The new “Quick Controlled Thaw” cycle (SRC) allows to thaw perishables from -18°C to +3°C, much quicker than through Chiller: Decreasing the time of the foodstuff defrost - Keeping always the food chilled and preserved from the proliferation of bacteria Preserving the quality and the original characteristics of the foodstuff Decreasing the loss of weight and Maintaining moist and water reduction.
Pass-through models
GN 1/1, GN 2/1, EN 600x400 and EN 600x800 trolleys.